How to start blogging: Books

I have been following and enjoying blogs for the last 3 years. They were my little escape from outside troubles. I looked up to these fabulous women not only for new tips on how to do my makeup, or how to pair up my favorite blue heels, but also I followed these blogs and discovered that it was something I could achieve as well. I mean, I loved makeup, I loved shopping and I have travelled, so why not put it all up in one place for the world (aka my friends) to see?  When I  decided to put forward this wonderful idea, I had to research… ALOT! I had no clue on where to start! Coming from a journalism background, I was still trying to find my “niche”, that special something that made me want to write and create. One night, I went online for inspiration on where to find my inner Carrie Bradshaw/Elizabeth Gilbert.. I had the degree.. I just needed the push! I found courses in both Fashion and Travel Journalism in London and decided to take them. BEST DECISION EVER! I learned so much about what it takes to become a fashion journalist and a travel writer! Not only that, but I also attended a blogging seminar with the creator of the Shop Girl Diaries, Emily Benet and I learned a lot on how to actually start a blog!( If you are ever in London and she’s giving her blogging seminars, TAKE IT!) Along the tips and information I have learned, there where a few books I picked up that truly helped me understand and guided me through this process. Frankly, I prefer a good book that will allow me to go back on the information that I need anytime I want. I am still learning, but with the help of these books and keeping up with the latest in fashion/travel/beauty/everythingILove I think I am on the right track! I hope these books help you as much as they have helped me!

General Blogging:


1. Get Rich Blogging (Zoe Griffin): Now, I know it is very difficult to “get rich blogging” but this book is full with useful tips on everything from how to start a blog all the way to tips for every blogger imaginable (fashion,food, parenting, celebrity news etc). I definitely recommend it!

2. English for Journalists (Wynford Hicks): Yes, I know English.. it is my second language and some people find it hard to believe that it is not my mother tongue. However, in writing it always helps to have refreshers on pointers and rules of the English language that I may or may not have forgotten from way back in 5th grade. Even for native speakers, a good guide book helps clean up your blog and make it look professional.




1. In Fashion (Anne Marie Iverson): This book was on my suggested readings for my Fashion Journalism course and it has been a great help. The introduction is by the great Diane von Furstenberg and it covers all aspects of fashion, not just writing about it. It provides great insight on how to start your fashion career!

2. Fashion: The ultimate book of Costume and Style: During one of my fashion journalism classes we were asked to watch a catwalk and describe everything we saw coming down the runway. I freaked out! I knew that I liked what I saw but I had no idea on how to describe it! I saw all the patterns and colour schemes and fabrics, and I knew they reminded me of something, but that something had no name in my mind. I asked one of my colleagues and she suggested this marvelous and HUGE book. It covers the history of fashion, like no other, from prehistory up until modern times. It has an amazing illustrated glossary as well as reference to help with writing! I love it!

3. Decades of Fashion (Harriet Worsley): This picture book covers everything from La Belle Epoque to present times. It is illustrated as well with the right amount of information to explain each era!



1. Travel Writing (L. Peat O’neil) : This book on travel writing is great to give you an idea on what it takes to become a travel writer. As I learned in class, travel writing is not quite the same as travel journalism, although they both hold hands when it comes to the final product. This book gives you examples and practice guides to help you achieve your dreams of telling the world about your dream travel story.

2. Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Writing: Lonely Planet compiles in this book its best tips and great advice from its writers, editors, and agents. What’s better than getting expert advice, than from Lonely Planet’s finest? These are just some of the books I have used and still use for reference when it comes to blogging and journalism. I am an avid reader so throw in monthly travel and fashion magazines and a few visits to some of my favorite blogs and I am all set!

Next book review will be all about the books that inspire me, that make me want to be a better person and in return, a better blogger. If you have other suggestions, feel free to comment and share!

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