About Me


Photographer: Martina Natali

Hi! Welcome to The Striped Complex! My name is Andrea Patricia and I decided to create this blog to share with all my friends and followers my love for fashion and beauty and expose to the world, the absolute pleasure that is living in the tropics! I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and with my journalism degree completed, I decided to move to Florida. After a year and then some, I got restless feet syndrome and decided to come home for a bit. I re-organized my future and headed to my greatest adventure to date… to complete a MA in Translation in the United Kingdom! I love foreign language and I am fully trilingual (Spanish, English and Portuguese!). I also decided to take fashion and travel journalism courses in London and now I am proud to present to you a bilingual personal style and lifestyle blog!

My travel experiences have been pretty amazing and my love for fashion and obsession for skincare and beauty will be in full display at The Striped Complex.

I have collaborated both as a fashion journalist and travel writer for different media outlets in the UK and in my home country of Puerto Rico. Recently, I have joined the wonderful family of EgoModa in Puerto Rico and  I can’t wait for the wonderful things to come!

So here’s to the start of something new and exciting! Here’s to THE STRIPED COMPLEX!




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