Beauty Wednesday: Hydration

Whether in the Summer or Winter months, we all need hydration. Living in a tropical island, hydration is especially important when exposed to the sun on a regular basis. I am a huge fan of hydration ( although I must confess, drinking more water is NOT at the top of my list, but should be) I have tried a number of products in order to achieve that top notch hydration and these are a few of my favorites year round!



Weleda Skin Food: I love how this deeply moisturising all-in-one cream makes my skin feel. Not only is it perfect for the body, it works wonders when applied to the face. I usually use it before a flight, as my skin can get pretty dry and it moisturizes throughout. It is quite heavy in texture but it sinks into the skin quickly. A Little goes a long way.


Rosehip Oil : I have previously talked about how much I love Rosehip Oil. Now, my skin is combo to oily normally, and this oil does not make me break out . I love how it smells and how light it feels on my skin. It is perfect for daily use, either day or night . My preferred brand is : A’kin Rose Hip Oil.


THIRSTYMUD™ HYDRATING TREATMENT GlamGlow: I am IN LOVE with this deep hydrating mask. It smells amazing, it leaves your skin feeling perfect, and it can be used in so many ways! My personal favourites are either pre-flight or overnight. I will definitely be indulging in the full-sized version.



Dream Cream (Lush): I have also raved about this cream and will definitely be taking it with me for my next tropical vacation. It feels amazing on the skin and it provides daylong hydration.


King of Skin (Lush): I received this little gem as a birthday gift last year and became obsessed with it. It is a “butter bar” and it acts as a moisturizer for the skin during shower time. Use it after washing and lightly rinse it off. Pat dry (gently so the skin absorbs the oil) and it will keep you smooth with no need of lotion!


Buffy (Lush): This exfoliating shower bar is also perfect for hydration. Taking away dead skin cells and leaving the skin moisturised afterwards is perfection in my book! It is not harsh exfoliation (perfect for sensitive skin) and the cocoa and shea butters in Buffy will leave the skin hydrated! No need for lotion after either!

What are your favorite products for hydration?

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Travel Essentials: Skin Prep

Before a long haul flight, prepping not always consists of what to wear, what inside my carry-on or printing out my boarding pass. Prepping for me also consists of skin care essentials, the night before my flight. As we all know, the air in the airplane cabin is not always that great on our skin. It tends to dry it out and in return our skin overcompensates with oils, and that is when breakouts happen. I have found a way to keep my skin hydrated not only on the flight itself, but also pre-departure. These are my three must haves for skin care prep!


1. The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion: This exfoliator is perfect to get rid of dull skin. We all want radiant, healthy looking skin when we go on holiday, right? It is a bit intense, so I would not recommend for sensitive skin, but for all other skin types it is a must have! Before applying any serums or masks I want my face feeling as clean and healthy as possible and this scrub does the trick!


2. A’kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil: This natural oil is amazing! I use it daily before applying my night moisturizer and it leaves the skin feeling glowy and soft in the morning. Although it is an oil, it DOES NOT leave the skin either looking or feeling oily! I highly recommend this for all skin types. Miranda Kerr swears by it, and she looks amazing! I like to use it before my  overnight mask on the day before a flight, for extra hydration.


3. Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask: I love this clear mask! It is perfect to put on at night and go to sleep. It does not stain your sheets or clothes which is definitely a plus for an overnight mask. This mask is perfect to use also during long haul flights. I used it on my flights to and from Thailand, which included several 7 hour flights and I had no need to put moisturizer on during the flight and my skin felt very hydrated without the oiliness. In combination with the Rosehip Oil, your skin will definitely feel hydrated and well behaved!

What are your Pre-departure skincare essentials?

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Beauty Review: Lancôme

This post is in Spanish and originally appears in EgoModa, for which I write for. Durante el Festival Travesía D’ Moda y Belleza en Sears, he descubierto algunos productos que rápidamente se han convertido en mis favoritos y que continuaré utilizando. Con la compra de $35.00 dólares o más en productos Lancôme, recibirás de regalo una linda cartera con productos en tamaño promocional y de viaje, perfecto para probar productos antes de adquirirlos o guardarlos para ese “weekend getaway” especial. En el post de hoy, les presento mis favoritos de estos productos a seleccionar con tu compra. $T2eC16VHJHYE9nzpeCqeBRFSo5JWK!~~60_35 Lancôme Limpiadora Creme Radiance: La limpiadora Creme Radiance, perfecta para piel normal/combination ( como la mía), se ha convertido en mi nueva favorita. Su consistencia es cremosa y espesa y con un poco puedes cubrir tu rostro! Desde la primera vez que la utilizé, noté que elimina todo rastro de maquillaje y deja la piel suave y limpia. ¡Definitivamente es un must en mi rutina de limpieza facial! Utilizando la limpiadora junto al Clarisonic, ahora disponible en Sears, podrás obtener una limpieza más profunda y una leve exfoliación. images-1 Bienfait Multi- Vital SPF 30: Este hidratante facial es perfecto para pieles secas y normales, ya que su consistencia cremosa penetra la piel y la hidrata a lo largo del día. Tiene SPF 30 por lo que proteje la piel de los rayos del sol. Me encanta utilizarla sin maquillaje para esos días en los que estoy en la calle aunque también funciona debajo del maquillaje. photo 2 Color Design Eye Brightening All-in-One 5 shadow & Liner Palette: ¡ Estoy ENAMORADA de esta paleta de sombras! Tiene colores neutrales y metálicos, y ¡la pigmentación de los colores es increible! Se puede utilizar tanto de día como de noche y los colores difuminan perfectamente. El Festival Travesia D’ Moda y Belleza finaliza el 9 de noviembre así que aprovecha y ve y busca tu regalo! ¡No te lo puedes perder! signature andrea