Petite Celebs: Eva Longoria

In our pint-sized world, inspiration usually comes from our taller sisters. We tend to follow the trends that sometimes may not be meant for us. Insert petite celebrities. Googling a bit to prepare this post, I was amazed by the amount of celebrities who join the 5’4 and under ranks! Eva Longoria fits the mould perfectly!  Her style is very much inspiration worthy. It is  timeless, effortless and fun and even better, she is LATINA!  It shows us how we can also rock any style as long as it is proportionate and adequate to our body type!

2013 Eva Longoria Hairstyles-2

Here’s some Eva Longoria inspiration for your nights of Pinterest binge-scrolling!

Eva’s effortless Day look is one I love. Her pops of colors and prints combined with solid colors do not overpower her frame.

I love monochromatic looks and these go perfectly with her height and skin tone. I want to believe we are similar in both categories, therefore I am trying out these looks ASAP! Notice how Eva uses nude shoes, which help elongate her legs and figure. That is a very good tip for all petite girls! Use shoes in a shade complimentary to your skin color to create the illusion of longer legs!


These evening gowns are EVERYTHING! Goes to show you that with the right tailoring, any dress can look gorgeous on a petite dress. Solid colors are a petite girls best friend because they create continuity on the frame.


I love how Eva uses to very tricky trends and absolutely rocks them. Boyfriend Jeans and midi skirts can be tricky to style. The key lies in the right fit and length. By using a fitted top with the boyfriend jeans and a fitted  top and blazer with the midi skirt, her figure is not lost and her height is not shortened.


Of course I had to include my favorite print, the stripes.. I am in love with both skirts and how beautiful they look on her!

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