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Recently, while going through my makeup to get ready, I noticed something. I AM A MASCARA HOARDER! I have so many, and its embarrasing to admit that I did not realize it. I have everything, from high end to drugstore and I decided to feature on this week’s Beauty Post, my Top 5 favorite mascaras! I am very specific about what I like in my mascara. As I like to think I have good lashes ( thank you Mommy and Daddy! ), what I look for is more volume than length, although if a mascara provides both then its THE ONE. Im also very particular about the brush. My favorite mascara has a “plastic” brush with very short bristles which allow me to really get up in my lash line and separate all my lashes. However, I have been loving two mascaras that have bigger brushes and the shape of the bristles are quite different, so I can say I’m expanding my mascara horizon! Here are my Top 5. What is your favorite mascara?


1.Rocket Volum’ Express (Maybelline) – This is hands- down, no questions asked, my FAVORITE mascara. Ever since I’ve had it, it has become my go to girl. It gives amazing volume and really separates the lashes creating the perfect look. Sometimes, it looks like you are wearing falsies. I LOVE IT! Its waterproof version does the job as well. ( I own it, since I’m one emotional gal.) Available in your favorite drugstore both in the UK and the USA.


2. Wonder Lash Mascara (Oriflame) I discovered this brand from Sweden and this mascara through Latest in Beauty and I am in love with it. The brush is quite thin, so it really separates the lashes and elongates them. I like to wear this mascara when I do not wear to much makeup as the formula is quite thin, but it adds the perfect length and volume to define your eyes during those no makeup-makeup days.  It retails for £8.45 in the UK.


3. They’re Real (Benefit) – I received the They’re Real mascara as a sample, and after much hype about it, I decided to give it a go. I am very impressed with it, as it gives enough volume and length to your lashes. I would recommend this mascara to girls with shorter lashes because the tip is designed to really get close to your lash line and create that curl. Benefit is available in Boots and online in the UK £19.50/ USA & PR $23.00

rimmel london lash accelerator mascara

4. Lash Accelerator (Rimmel London)This is one of my newest mascaras from Rimmel London  and I am loving it ! After watching my favorite vloggers rave about it, time and time again, I decided to purchase it! It is not clunky, it separates your lashes beautiful and does not clump your lashes while creating a volumizing effect! I use it as a base for other mascaras, but it definitely can be worn on its own and I definitely recommend this mascara if you are looking for something new at the drugstore! Available at your favorite drugstore!


5.Better than Sex ( Too Faced)– This is my newest obssesion and the newest addition to my mascara family. At first glance, I did not like it. It seemed to clumpy and too much when you first open it. After application, WOW, THE LENGTH.. THE VOLUME! My lashes looked super long and curly! I was in love! I will definitely purchase again! In the UK it can be found in Debenhams for £19.00 and in the USA through Sephora or for $23.00. 

What’s your favorite mascara?

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