The Petite Diaries: Look Taller

Hey guys! Today I am introducing a brand new series on the blog called The Petite Diaries. I am a petite girl, and ever since I started focusing my attention on fashion and styling I have noticed a pretty big gap on petite styling tips and clothing. Although now different stores have started bringing out collections specifically geared towards petite women, they still have a long way to go. Most of the clothes might be tailored for petite women, but the models sure aren’t petite. Get your act together stores!

On today’s post, I am bringing you 5 tips on how to visually appear taller and how to make clothes more appropriate for us gals shorter than 5’4. I hope you enjoy this series! Please keep the suggestions rolling in as I love to share experiences!

1. Neckline: Petite girls should choose V necks or rounded necklines as they make the torso appear longer.


2. Proportion: When it comes to skirts, petite girls should go opposites; either short-short or long maxi-dresses. Midi skirts are tricky to style for petite figures but not impossible, and about that we will talk in a later post. Hemlines should be kept above the knee. With maxi dresses or skirts make sure to wear high heels or wedges as flats could make you appear smaller.


3. High waisted pants, skirts or shorts are an absolute must in a petite gals closet. If this type of cut is flattering for you then go for it and embrace it. I love this particular style because it enhances my waistline and makes my legs appear much longer!


4. Avoid boxy cut blouses and pieces with too much fabric. Personally, I am attracted to these boxy pieces because they are very comfortable and if styled correctly, a petite girl can pull them off. The key is to pair them up with a skinny belt or form hugging pants or skirts to preserve our figure and not let it get lost in the fabric.

5. The tailor is your best friend! Most stores mass produce pieces geared towards a standard height. These pieces might fit us in size but may not be proportionate to our height. A tailor can help you achieve the perfect fit and even more, he can make it just for you! I know I love my tailor!

What are your tips on looking taller? Stay tuned for more tips and Outfits for petite girls!



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